SUBINTERIOR "Outfall + Insomnie"

"Outfall + Insomnie" | 2005 [ CDR - Silentes - 20050903 ]

Subinterior project was born from the impulse to create tracks with the only use of samples and noises surrounding us. The equipment used to record the sounds consists in a mini-disc recorder utilised to capture atmospheres created by millers, lapping wheel, lathes, industrial refrigeration plants, safety doors and other unusual instruments. Everything is then processed through musical software.

1 Metropolis 5:37
2 A Subtle Vapour 6:15
3 Feebleness 3:53
4 Outfall 5:01
5 Apocalyptic Light 4:40
6 Exoneration 5:21
7 Black Distortion 4:39
8 Il Guardiano Del Nulla 7:29
9 Repulse 4:48
10 Padrone Delle Ombre 7:43
11 Insanity 7:32
12 Penumbra 3:05
13 Close To The End 5:49


:: Reviews - "Outfall+Insomnie" ::

- ANM -
"Outfall + Insomnie" were two separate self releases from Subinterior way back in 2003. Three years is a long time in the musical spectrum. I’m assuming they were initially very limited releases. This latest joining of the recordings is limited to only 120 copies. I’ve just pulled my ‘what the fuck face’ in case any of you are interested. Limited edition releases get right up my nose for all the wrong reasons. Not so when the music is bad. Then I scream ‘don’t buy this shit at high decibels’ and ‘thank fuck so few of you will ever hear this crap’. But when the music is of the high quality as on display here then I really do start to wonder what goes through the minds of the artist / label concerned. Don’t they want anyone to buy their stuff? Where is their faith in the music they’ve taken time and effort to develop?
I’m getting too far ahead of myself here. Subinterior is the name by which Italian artist Andrea Freschi records under. He was at one time the drummer in Canaan & Weltschmerz and also records as Coma Divine. The music of Subinterior is made up of everyday sounds from the likes of machinery, buildings, water ,electricity etc…I’m guessing here about the sources….and heavily manipulated and processed through all manner of filters and other electronic gizmos to produce the 13 tracks of drone ambience for your delectation. Sometimes the sounds are so minimal that they barely register and on others the high / low bass frequencies rumble ominously. At times a high feeling of euphoria is experienced only for this to be replaced by a threatening disturbing wave of noise. The combinations of dark and light complimenting each other in unison.
Cards on the table time. Yes…this release is exceedingly enjoyable. There’s so much to try and pick out as the music floats and flows all around. Yes…it comes as highly recommended to anyone for whom the thought of abstract / obscure / minimal droning black ambience gets them going. No…it’s by any means original or earth shatteringly different to other artists working the same musical path. Yes…it’s criminal to have only so few copies available.

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